Bad Ex Girlfriends

Riley had just met a guy online and thought she had fallen in love with him. He asked her to send him a naughty video. She was a little shy at first but thought it was worth a shot if it would get him to fall in love with her. The stupid whore had no idea he would just upload it to badexgirlfriends.

Rae had an addiction to drugs but promised her boyfriend never to do it again. He swore that if he found out she was still doing it, he would sell their private videos and use the money to make a new life for himself. The stupid whore couldn't keep clean!

Lily thought she had got away with it. She had a loving fiance and was also fucking a guy from the local bar. She didn't know that the two knew each other and often met up at the pub! Lily finds out what payback feels like for cheating on your boyfriend when she finds this naughty video the two of them made for their private use, on the internet!

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Cydella has been stealing money from ben's wallet for weeks. He has been suspicious of the missing money for a while, so left his computer on and watched as his girlfriend helped herself to his cash. As payback, he got her to give him a lapdance and to let him film it. If only she knew she was now a slut exposed on badexgirlfriends!

Mike had been seeing kylah for a while. With their long distance relationship, they often had naughty fun online. Mike surprised her one weekend and turned up at her house unexpected. He wasnt expecting to find her fucking his brother! As payback, Mike uploaded one of the videos Kylah had sent him